Paediatric Emergency Medicine


Paediatric Emergency Medicine can be encountered at any point during Core and Higher training in Emergency Medicine, but there is a specific focus on PEM for a 6 month period during CT3 (ST3). In Wales, trainees will be placed in one of  five EDs which have at least one Consultant with a particular interest in PEM. These departments are in Bangor, Newport, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil and Swansea. This curriculum for this period covers a broad range of paediatric issues and is a good basis to be expanded upon during higher training.

PEM Subspecialty:

Some EM trainees find that they would like to gain further skills in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, and choose to dual accredit – ending up with a CCT in Emergency Medicine and in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at eh end of training. The PEM subspecialty training consists of an extra year (often taken between ST4 and ST5) which comprises 6 months in a Paediatric ED, 3 months on a general Paediatric ward, and 3 months in Paediatric ICU. The entry is competitive and does not require previous Paediatric experience, although demonstration of interest in the subspecialty is advantageous.

The PED accredited for this training in Wales is at Morriston Hospital, Swansea. This department was opened in 2012 and is located separately from the adult ED. We have close links with the PAU and cross-working is encouraged at times when the ED is less busy.

The time spent on the Paediatric ward is organised dependent upon where there are gaps in Paediatric trainees, but we try to accommodate in Morriston if possible in order to keep the links with the ED. If the trainee has prior experience as a Paediatric SHO they may be able to work at registrar level, although they are not expected to attend general Paediatric clinics.

The only PICU in Wales is in Cardiff, so this placement occurs whenever there is a vacant post and this will then determine the order of the other placements as we try not to split the 6 months of Paeds ED if possible.

Paediatricians can also get dual accreditation (in Paediatrics and in Paediatric Emergency Medicine) by completing a 2 year training programme which also includes surgical specialties and anaesthetics. Posts for this Grid training post are available in UHW, Cardiff.

PEM Corridor