AWSEM Events Calendar

2018 / 2019
AWSEM Regional Teaching Programme 2019/2020
DateTrainee groupVenueFacilitatorTopic
9-July-19ST3/4HEIWJGST3/4 Induction
3-September-19FRCEM - final SAQ/CA
9-September-19ACCSWMHABACCS mandatory introductory regional teaching day- North Wales
12-September-19ACCSPOWHCPACCS mandatory introductory regional teaching day - South Wales
26-sept-19ACCS trainers and repsHEIWAFACCS STC
13-September-19ST3/4 ST5/6POWHRFMock OSCE & SAQs
17-September-19FRCEM - intermediate
19-Sept-19ST3/4 ST5/6UHW HMPaeds teaching day - neonatal day
1-October-19ST3RGHNTRegistrar Ready sim day
8-October-19ST4NJQI day 1
11-October-19ACCSUHWAWAG Emergency airway Day
14-October-19ST4NJQI day 2
17-October-19ACCS EM ST3/4 ST5/6HEIWSJLeadership day - invitation only
30-Oct to 8-Nov-19FRCEM - final OSCEs
5-November-19ACCS EM ST3/4 ST5/6HEIWSJLeadership day - invitation only
7-November-19ST2   ST3POWHMayuk/CPIntroduction to ultrasound
07-Nov -20ST3,4,5,6JGARCP
12-November-19ST5/6POWHRFUltrasound day
13-November-19ST3NHHRHIntroduction to Critical Appraisal
14-Nov-19ACCSYGAIACCS- Respiratory day- North Wales
22-Nov-19ACCSMORRRMACCS Respiratory Day - South Wales
26-Nov-19ACCSUHWDTACCS Cardiology day - South Wales
27-Nov-19ACCSWMHABACCS cardiology day - North Wales
27-November-19ST3POWHKMSedation day
17-December-19ACCS EM ST3/4 ST5/6POWZJGeneral EM teaching day - Mental health
5-December-19FRCEM - primary
10-January-20ST3,4,5,6JGARCP day
14-Jan-20ST3/4 ST5/6RGHRFManagement day
28-January-20ST2   ST5+RGHNTST2/HST Sim day (invitation only)
4-February-20ST3/4 ST5/6MORRKDJPaeds EM teaching day- injuries
7-February-20ST 3/4NHHRHCritical appraisal day
13-February-20ST5+RFDifficult Communication Skills
25-February-2020ACCSRGHNJACCS Shock and sepsis day - South Wales
28-February-2020ACCSYGAIACCS unconscious patient - North Wales
3-March-20FRCEM -intermediate
10-March-20ACCSWMHABACCS shock and sepsis day - North Wales
10-March-20ST3RFDifficult Comunication Skills
19-March-20FRCEM - final SAQ/CA
20-March-20ST5/6POWHRFMock OSCE & SAQs
23-March-20ACCSPOWHCPACCS Unconcious patient day - South Wales
24-March-20ST2   ST5+RGHNTST2/HST Sim day (invitation only)
AprilACCSNHHECACCS trauma day - South Wales
20-April-20ST5/6POWHRFUltrasound day
21-April-20ST1 & ST4UHWHMPaeds SIM day
27-April-20ACCSPOWHCPACCS clinical skills day
AprilAll North Wales EM traineesWMHABNorth Wales sim day
27-Apr to 6-May-20FRCEM - final OSCEs
5-May-20ST5/6HEIWRFConsultant ready day
7-May-20ST4HEIWRFDifficult Communication skills
15-16 May 20ACCS EM ST3/4 ST5/6TraineesAWSEM academic day
2-Jun-20ACCS EM ST3/4 ST5/6PCHMOGeneral EM teaching day- chest trauma
4-June-20FRCEM - primary
18 and 19 June- 20ST3/4 ST5/6ARCPs - paperwork day north and south ST3-6
22-June-20North Wales trainees - all levelsNorth Wales ARCPs all trainees to attend face to face
30-June and 8-July -20ST3/4 ST5/6ARCPs - trainees to attend
JulyST3/4NHHRHCritical Appraisal day
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