AWSEM Regional Teaching Days

12 teaching sessions will be arranged throughout the year and will usually take place on a Tuesday, if possible the first Tuesday of each month.

A timetable will be available for all to view on the AWSEM website.

8 sessions will be adult based and 4 paediatric.

The sessions will be held in various centres. At present these are:

  • Adult – POWH, Morriston, PCH, RGH, NHH, UHW
  • Paeds – Morriston, UHW, RGH, PCH

The days will be either for HSTs (ST4-6) and ST3s only or for a mixture of ACCS and HST trainees. This will be specified along with the theme for the day.

All teaching sessions should be pitched to the level of the HSTs.

The days will be given an overall theme eg cardiology, renal and then within these themes links will have been made to the curriculum competencies and procedures that should be covered. The HST days will also be given a management topic.

The way in which these are covered will vary but could include lecture, quiz, SAQ, simulation, FOAMed, practical session, ultrasound.

The trainee/s based in each unit will be responsible for arranging the day along with a nominated consultant. A specific trainee will be nominated on the timetable. The trainee should be encouraged to complete the relevant management WPBA for organising a training day.

Trainees must attend 70% of these teaching days to complete training successfully. Certificates must be present on the eportfolio to verify this.

Organisation of the teaching day should be in the format below.

Notes on the teaching day plus any slides/links should be collated to be uploaded onto the AWSEM website.

The organisation and structure of this teaching programme will be reviewed regularly. Please feedback any suggestions/issues/concerns to me at

Organisation of the day

Lisa Bassett will link with the training day organiser to provide an attendance list, an electronic feedback survey and attendance certificate.

The trainee organiser should liaise with Lisa Bassett ( at least 4 weeks prior to the teaching session.

Lisa will send out electronic invitations to the relevant trainee group prior to the date. All trainees wishing to attend must respond in order for a suitably sized room to be booked and any catering to be arranged.

I will remind you via WhatsApp to do this.

The trainee organiser should send a copy of the programme for the day to Lisa no later than 1 week prior to the teaching session.

An attendance sheet should be completed on the teaching day and a copy sent to Lisa Bassett.

Prior to the session, the trainees will receive an email with the link to an online feedback survey. 10 minutes should be provided at the end of the teaching day to allow completion of this feedback.

The feedback survey will remain open for 1 month following the session. At this time the survey will be closed and certificates of attendance will be emailed to all those who have completed the feedback.

Certificates need to be uploaded onto your eportfolio and reviewed by educational supervisors to allow completion of the STR.