Quality Improvement

As part of preparing HST for the QIP component of the exams we have liaised with QIP team from Saving 1000 lives and Anaesthetist expert in QIP. Anaesthetic trainee are already involved with QIP’s as part of their curriculum and therefore it was of great help including them in training our trainees. We have made it compulsory for all ST-3 trainees to complete the bronze level training for QIP. This year we have had 2 silver day training with a view of supporting trainees in their QIP. From next year, we plan to combine our trainees with the Anaesthetic trainees and have 2 day of QIP training. This will be a day each in September and November. The plan will be to introduce them to QIP and how to introduce ideas into projects on day 1 (September) and by day 2 (November) for the trainee to have:

  • identified an area for improvement
  • identified the team to work with
  • identified the real issue
  • agreed the aim for the improvement with their team
  • Possibly started collecting baseline measures

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