Emergency Medicine Contracts

ST1/CT1, ST2/CT2

The Acute Care Common Stem training Porgramme is the common core of training for EM, AM, and some Anaesthesia and ICM trainees. It involves a CT1&CT2 year where trainees rotate thru EM/ICM/AM and Anaesthesia for 6 months each.

ST3 / CT3

he CT3 year is a transition year from the SHO to Middle grade. Trainees in Wales now spend the whole year in one training site for the Paeds EM and General EM components of the CT3 year. There is a lot to cover in both attachments and it is expected that trainees…


This is the first true ‘Reg’ year and is often mixed with trepidation and excitement. Trainees in Wales often look forward to this year as they are often ‘running’ the department for the first time. This is a busy year, along with the middle grade transition…


An established registrar year. Hopefully with the Critical Appraisal paper completed and the QIP well on it’s way the ST5 year is a good chance to consider an OOPE or Dual Accreditation and a chance to hone your skills as an EM reg. ST6 is not far away and the earliest chance…


The final year of training in EM in Wales. A chance to hand in your QIP and sit the remaining components of your FRCEM. A year to ensure your Ultrasound is completed and your final sign-off is done and start to think about what happens beyond the exams…


PEM Sub-Specialty